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Also a part of Mile 2 were the Baseball Project, Langhorne Slim, Robert Ellis, Sturgill Simpson and more than 200 other artists.Originally calling themselves simply The Wandering Sons the band, which included Cory Chisel, released their debut album entitled Again From The Beginning in 2004.Two past self-released albums include Darken Your Door (EP) and Little Bird.After signing with Black Seal, the band released their Cabin Ghosts EP in summer of 2008.An equally potent influence on Chisel's worldview and wellspring of musical storytelling is the American heartland from which he hails.Based in Appleton, WI, where he's lived for almost twenty years.His family's roots, on both sides, reach about 500 miles north and west to Babbitt, Minnesota and neighboring Ely, beside the pristine Boundary Waters, the largest wilderness preserve east of the Rockies.The vast, open spaces and clear, deep lakes of the wild north are ingrained in Chisel's songs, which sound as if they come to him as naturally as breathing.

Chisel and the Wandering Sons toured in support of Norah Jones in 2012.Like many artists before him, Cory Chisel first connected with the power of song and the spellbinding possibilities of live performance through the music he heard in church.The gospel's rich vernacular of loss and redemption also informed his innate poetic sense and lyrical range.Obviously they're trying to advance their brand's image. I think I lived off of that and I think that helped me make my record as much as anything else if you want to know the truth -- affording us the ability to stay alive while we made up our mind what kind of music we're making.Despite the TV shows and the commercials, Chisel maintains a rootsy, rebellious appeal.Chisel also helped launch a music festival, Mile of Music, in Appleton, Wisconsin, where he spent several years of his youth.