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The ornate terracotta decorations are of Italian design, the extravagant use of glass, diaper patterns in the brick work and its commanding height, add to its grandeur and importance.

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You can find a generous, protective and caring companion in them, as they are known for taking the lead, be it asking out, confessing their love, or even making physical contact.To win the heart of an Aries, you sure need to play a luck game.

Ideally, though, you’ll be taking on the world and trying new things together, as a couple, at least most of the time. Which star signs does Aries get along with most easily?What are the best – and the worst – compatibility matches for Aries?The Aries man is bold, direct and ultra-independent, but that doesn’t mean he wants to barrel through life alone.In fact, this leader of the zodiac is full of fiery passion that he longs to share with someone who shares his love of life and adventure. But, he’s very adept at reading body language, so he senses when he needs to dial it down.Love them or hate them, but the fact remains that zodiac signs are something you cannot possibly ignore.