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Charlie was his entire world.'She was joined by Leffler's brother and representatives at Spire Sports in discussing the racer's financial situation to clear up growing misconceptions and rumors about the estate he left behind for Charlie.He had disability insurance and other policies, and funds established for Charlie.'He probably could have held on to a lot more in the divorce.No one ever accused NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne of being smart. Apparently Kasey is disgusted by breastfeeding and wants the entire world to know it.

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In 2003, Kahne moved to the #38 Great Clips Ford for Akins Motorsports.

Leffler's last full Nationwide season was in 2011, and he'd run just 12 NASCAR races in 2012.

The reality is that disability and life insurance for race car drivers are expensive and difficult to get - usually issued only by Lloyds of London - and the premiums are substantial.

'But fatherhood really changed him, that's for sure. Jason took Charlie wherever he could, tried to show him everything.

If he was in the winner's circle or even leading laps every race, their brand would be spotlighted. Things cycle, it's just being prepared to catch that moment.