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Queen Victoria commissioned pieces as did members of the European upper classes and social elite.

Belleek differs from English pottery such as Staffordshire pottery, Royal Doulton, and the like.

The fourth mark, same as the third mark but green, dates from 1946 to 1955.

The second mark, black, dates from 1891 to 1926 and includes the words .

Named Belleek Pottery Works Company Ltd., the ceramics have a unique shape, delicate ceramic body, and characteristic designs featuring shamrocks, harps, punched out forms, detailed floral decoration, and Irish motifs. John Bloomfield, an amateur ceramist, inherited land rich in kaolin, feldspar, and flint which would later be the site of the Belleek factory.

Bloomfield started construction on the factory and was able to persuade local officials to construct a railway line in Belleek so coal for the pottery kilns could be delivered there.

Introduced in 1926, possibly to mark the Wembley Exhibition of that year. Interestingly this registry mark dates from 1884 but was only used from 1926! Around scroll with Celtic decoration and the words "deanta in eireann" (made in Ireland) added.On Earthenware the stamp Belleek changed to "Melvin Ware" in 1936 probably to distinguish it from the more prestigious Parian China.Our German & Bohemian pottery markings archive shows that Germanic porcelain marks are often less easy to identify than English marks because at the height of the demand for fine china towards the end of the 19th century, the German makers were trying to sell into the huge English speaking markets, but without necessarily making it obvious their items were of German origin.Recently, however, two different readers of this site have submitted questions to me, with accompanying pictures, about NAO items with genuine marks in which the ship logo has certainly been scraped off (see example at right).In the regular Lladró line, an altered mark on a regular catalog piece can mean one of three things: a "second" rejected as first quality at the factory and sold at a discount, a Lladró "outlet" purchase in which first quality items have the logo scratched away to allow sale at a discount (and ostensibly to avoid competition with authorized dealer sales), or a "gray market" purchase in which non-authorized dealers acquire items outside the authorized export pipeline and alter the logos for discount sale.This pottery is delicate, thin to the touch, and luminous whereas various types of English ceramics are more durable.