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I think it is particularly notable because it grew out of our association via the mail art network, a long-distance communication precursor to what was then starting to take its place on the Internet and the World Wide Web .

At first the communication was choppy due to the sporadic phone service in Serbia so I filled in the blanks by providing excerpts from some of Andrej's recent emails of that time.

Government social program organizations must ensure that citizens who need benefits and services are able to receive them.

Using analytics, agencies can reduce overpayments by better matching eligibility information and reduce fraudulent claims through identity resolution.

The numbers behind the room names is the amount of people in that room. You must "publish" your webcam, before others can request to view it. To view a video stream, pick a name from the list and click the button under the desired video window. To send a private message, select a name and click the bottom left button with the room name on it. You can modify several chat options with the little icon buttons to the left.

On March 24, 1999, as NATO forces began dropping bombs on Serbia in the former Yugoslavia, I was engaged in an occasional e-mail correspondence with my artist friend Andrej Tisma in Novi Sad with whom I had exchanged art and letters continuously since the early 1980s via the international postal system in an activity known as "mail art".

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Speed is critical for companies that will spin up and down Web Sphere instances to accommodate the agility...Government organizations must accurately target citizens' needs and continually improve outcomes.Data analytics can provide the means to gain a comprehensive view of a family's needs to match clients to the right program or service.Since, at this historic moment, I was working at ABCNews, a major American news outlet, and information from within northern Yugoslavia was sparse, it occurred to me to ask Andrej if he would like to be interviewed in chat format for one hour by members of the American public via our web site, When he consented, I arranged for the event to take place in real time with me as the moderator, the unedited transcript of which follows below.Watson Analytics provides government organizations with natural language interactions, advanced analytics, and cognitive capabilities so you can understand what your data means to help you make important decisions.