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In 2010 it became the longest-running comedy in Channel 4 history.Stylistically, the show utilises point of view shots, with the thoughts of main characters Mark and Jeremy audible as voice-overs."Stroe said: "Really it's not for that."Told he was in "big trouble" Stroe replied: "I think so - big trouble."Stroe, a Romanian national, said he has lived in England for more than four years and worked at a building site in Imperial Wharf.The Hunted One members flagged down police who arrested Stroe.The Met’s Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse (SOECA) began investigating Vasan in July 2015 following a tip-off about his work.They spoke to a girl, 16, who had met Vasan while she was living in a hostel.Financial enquiries showed that Vasan was receiving payments from the website, taking a cut for himself and then paying various women – including the victim.

They had been chatting to Stroe online pretending to be a 13-year-old girl called Lucy Stephens."Lucy" had made it clear she was only 13 and had never had sex before but Stroe, 28, had told her it would "only hurt for one or two minutes".

In the first series, Mark and Jeremy start out with similar aims of bedding their next-door neighbour Toni (Elizabeth Marmur), though Mark is also dangerously obsessed with his workmate Sophie (Olivia Colman), who is more interested in the manly Jeff.

Both endure awkward situations: Mark suffers a sexual admiration for his boss, Alan Johnson, while Jeremy remembers having oral sex with Super Hans (Matt King) during a drug binge.

She said he supplied her with drugs and forced her to take sexually explicit images and videos which were posted online. Detectives trawled through laptops, phones and documents seized from Vasan’s house and found messages which supported the girl’s account.

They also found thousands of sexually explicit videos and images, including many of the girl in question.