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Fox News reports that 70 percent of married men admitted to cheating on their wives.

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Plus we had a lot of equity in the home and mortgage rates have been at an all-time-low, so it wasn’t a huge financial stretch for me to refinance and buy him out. Deana Arnett, a certified financial planner with Rosenthal Wealth Management Group in Northern Virginia.

This savvy money professional went through her own divorce a few years ago and walked away from the house she shared with her ex. “It was a very emotional time and all I could think of was ending in a clean way without lawyers and fighting.

There are millions of Muslim women like Kadra Mohamed, who want to achieve their goals.

And it’s not their hijab that is holding them back.

(H/T: Wudang) I said before that the top 2.6% of men were responsible for 29% of the lays.

For the same proportion of women, 2.6% (n = 491) are responsible for 18.8% of the lays among women.

If you are a #MGTOW and wish to take me to task for having a happy, fulfilling relationship with a wonderful woman, I've already responded to similar comments more than enough times below.

Men have been making it a point to stop and admire women they happen to see when they’re out and about since the dawn of recorded time. At each stop I made it a point to stop and observe what happened whenever men and women were in close proximity to each other. They weren’t even bothering to look at them…at all.

Doing this was one of the most boring jobs I have ever had so to pass the time I used to write spanking stories.

These I submitted to various spanking magazines, Paula Meadow's Februs, Privilege Plus, Phoenix and of course Kane which is how I came to meet George Harrison Marks and Josie.

At least in principle we understand all that stuff. Time after time dudes were strolling by fantastically hot women with virtually nothing on, apparently without even having noticed.

In my younger days when I had a hefty mortage to pay I used to work at weekends for an estate agent's showhouses on new property developments.