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College guy dating tips

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Truth be told, there will never be a time in your life where you’ll meet so many people and have a chance to put your dating skills to the test.As a guy you’d want to maximize the chances of getting a good girlfriend. Build a diverse group of friendships and be confident about yourself.That’s not to say that men and women avoid each other all throughout college.It’s just that, these days, college dating doesn’t have strict rules like it did in the olden days or in high school.

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Perhaps the biggest benefit of being part of college life is the endless cycle of dating that goes on.

COED MAGAZINE AUGUST 2006 BY JULIA ALLISON When I began my freshman year, I read a little book called “Making the Most Out of College.” It featured dozens of upperclass students and recent grads giving advice on various topics: grades, professors, dating, extracurriculars.

The specifics were almost irrelevant, because all echoed an identical sentiment: “If I had only known then what I know now.” News flash: You will feel this way in four years no matter what you do.

But with close living quarters, no parents, and stressful classes, things get intense, and college has its own soap operas.

Read on for the inside dirt you'd have no way of knowing until you're on campus — and need to know if you already are.