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"Well with Demetri obviously there is the hair and the wardrobe, so no one really recognises me away from filming, which is good. But my daily routine is just jump in the shower, dry off.

Dating a man who makes less money

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As long as we can split things evenly and fairly I don't care at all.– /u/kayleigh666If we're strictly talking dollar amounts, then it's probably a non-issue.

But if "less money" is coded language for "unmotivated" or "stuck in an extended adolescence" then I would be incompatible with that person.– /u/theaftercath This has always been my situation and it has never bothered me.

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(Not two dudes I’d ever set her up with.) Think about if your income is a fair standard to hold others to. For example, if your honey is a middle school math teacher, but he’s the best middle school math teacher in the world and truly loves his job, then who cares what his salary is? Are you hung up on his salary because it’s the only issue between you guys or are you hung up on it because it’s a symptom of a lot of other problems between you two?It’s 2016, and you’re an independent woman who don’t need NO MAN. I asked women on Reddit how they feel about dating someone who makes less money than them, and out of over 40 responses, only ONE woman indicated she It depends on how much less.Generally, I'd prefer to date someone who makes around the same as me or more.She’s one of my best friends and one of my role models. And she was wondering if I thought she should get serious, and maybe even marry, a man who makes less than she does.And it’s a very rare thing when she comes to me for advice. Well, I had some thoughts for her that I thought I’d share with you all too, hoping they’d help you too.At first, I was outraged because shouldn’t we all be striving for our own personal financial independence? But now that it’s been a couple of weeks since I first read that post, I have to admit that I kind of get where she’s coming from.