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Next they headed north to Pittsburgh and the hellish steel mill slave camp of The Pitt.

Most recently, Fallout 3's ending was rewritten and players not only found themselves helping the Brotherhood Of Steel hunt down the remnants of The Enclave, but the Capital Wasteland was, for the first time, made available for exploration beyond the game's final mission.

The details of PC sexuality are detailed below, but there are also specific pages for any NPCs who are coded as LGBTQ. A female PC can flirt with Sinthia, but cannot hire her.

Fallout (1997) In Fallout 1, players can choose either a male or female player-character (the Vault Dweller). However, after the player rescues her (with the 1000 xp earning path) and suggests she should “move on with her life,” she’ll offer to have sex for free with a male PC or a female PC if they have enough “charisma” and pass a “charisma check” (an in-game stat) (Joner, 2005).

If you’re looking for the best Fallout 3 mods, you’ve found them right here in our handy list.

The basic Fallout gameplay remains unchanged, but what makes Point Lookout so compelling – aside from the acres of new terrain which can be explored – is the consistently strong writing which packs in a great mix of dark atmosphere and gallows humour.

The new missions combine elements of horror, comedy and science fiction that recalls the best pulp comic books of the 1950s; it's a rare instance in a video game where you find yourself facing off verbally against a brain floating in a vat of chemicals.

It’s best to make a backup of your Data folder before you start modding in case you need to return Fallout 3 to its original form.

You’re probably going to want lots of mods installed though, so it’s best to use the Fallout Mod Manager.