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He mostly likes relationships with women who have experience.When both the fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius connect to each other, they connect pretty well as they have a lot in common.He may also be very critical of other people and too outspoken with some ego but he never waits to apologize once he knows that he has not been fair.Sagittarius woman is a lovely lady with a little outspoken ways to tell the truth.He had many goals that he wanted to reach, however I had my own goals that I wanted to reach, and shortly after beginning our relationship together we realized that our goals would be reached separately. He's sweet and cares for my needs more than his own, family orientated and opens up easily...I would recommend him on a dating show because I feel like he has a strong personality and would work well with someone who is not as opinionated and stubborn as me, however I would not recommend him to anyone I know because I feel that he might ruin the relationship between me and that person. I am more fiery than him and in turn his calm ways bring me down a little.The relationship rocked because we had a lot in common and were able to get to know each others likes and dislikes easily. fiery tempers can defiantly clash though and both are mutable signs so they wont be able to make up their minds about what they really want. I see people very different I k now my enemies and they know me very well. I am a Sagi woman and loveeeeeeee my Sagi man..is the first Sagi I have been with, we are 5days apart him being older by 5days....

Once she’s been properly bent into submission, she can be the sweetest woman in the world. She has great respect for an Aries man who is brave and courageous.He is always bursting with new ideas and all new ways to make life more exciting lively.He is very bossy and argumentative at times as he always wants to get things done his own way.You're more determined than ever to get your fair share of the pie. When they try to take advantage of you, they get a nasty surprise.If this means challenging an authority figure's decision or filing a legal case, so be it. You're not only willing to fight for what is yours, but you will draw attention to injustice.Now in order to understand how to a woman, you first must understand what girls find attractive.