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But considering how personal it is, it's no wonder many of us feel nervous or self-conscious when it's time for the yearly exam. So believe it or not, when she is looking at you "down there," it really is just like looking at any other part of your body. Your doctor is not judging your "number." When your ob-gyn asks how many sexual partners you've had, "it's not something we're asking out of some morbid curiosity or in a judgmental way.

we wrapped up our sessions ( i was moving to SF in 2 days) and we ended up having a night of crazy passion the night before i left.. Knowing when your last period was also can let your gyn know about the of your menstrual cycle.If it's been a while since a girl's period, the doctor might want to test for things like hormonal imbalances or pregnancy.It doesn't matter if your doctor is a Democrat or a Republican, if they believe in abortion or birth control, or what kind of TV they watch on their free time.They have to follow the law, and that means giving you the best medical advice they can, and allowing you to make your own decisions. If you're not comfortable, you can end the appointment quickly and consider finding another provider." 3. Anyway, she just moved down here a few months ago and we are living together , but i just cant get over the way it started..