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Snapchat claims that its main reason for altering the privacy policy was to make it more understandable.
Break the ice Talking dirty is an intimate experience, so delve into it with your girlfriend, not the girl you met at the bar two nights ago. ”Set boundaries It’s not the sexiest stage of dirty talk, but getting a feel for what words turn her on—and off—will ensure you don’t offend her.

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, they're a city-rushed couple who rediscover themselves--and each other, and, um, others--at a hippie retreat.

Though their relationship is in tatters, they have that believable but-we're-each-other's person thing going down pat, probably thanks to The deal: I know, not a lot of us saw the first one.

Giving back was an integral part of Eva Longoria’s life long before she landed the role of Gabriela Solis on ABC’s “Desperate Housewives.”This story first appeared in the June 10, 2014 issue of Variety. “I grew up with a special-needs sister, an older sister, so I was kind of born into her world and knew what the world ‘volunteer’ meant at a very, very early age,” Longoria says.

A sharply observed satire on the entertainment industry, it sheds light on a humble, rarely-considered sub-group of Hollywood workers.

It dissects a family’s self-defeating insistence on clinging to grudges and grievances.

Bell then played the lead role in the science fiction series Surface, which aired between September 2005 and May 2006.

2006 also saw her star in the film Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders about the Hillside Strangler of the late 1970s and return to Boston Legal for two episodes, reprising her role as Sally Heep, opposing counsel to Alan Shore (portrayed by James Spader).