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Crazy fact: The pills are only 95 percent effective.

If you're in the unlucky 5 percent, you can do it again or opt to have a procedure.

However, be aware that these "natural" condoms don't prevent STD transmission.

They only prevent pregnancy, so make sure you're partner is clean before using them.

Years ago, the FDA set a protocol that requires women to see a physician three times: to get three mifepristone pills (which you swallow in front of your doc), then two days later to take two misoprostol pills, and two weeks after that, to ensure the pills worked.

Since then, most doctors have adopted a safe, lower-dose regimen that is less trying.

I've been blessed to have a stellar education when it comes to sexual health, but there's one subject that I don't recall great discussion on: non latex condoms.

However, recent studies have shown that the recreational use of Viagra has gone up among youngsters.In the workplace, the results can be just as disastrous, if not more so.It’s difficult enough to conduct research on sexual behavior.Women have been using mifepristone, aka the abortion pill, for more than a decade. The first, mifepristone, causes the embryo to detach from the uterine wall. Two days later, a pill called misoprostol contracts the uterus to expel the embryo.But lately, anti-abortion groups have ratcheted up their scare tactics—saying it causes breast cancer, infertility, and deadly infections—and are pushing laws that block your access. You can expect heavy bleeding, with clotting and bits of tissue, to last about two weeks.Most doctors recommend that the drug shouldn’t be used like this because one’s body can get dependent on it and you could reach a phase where you will find it hard to get hard without the drug. You shouldn’t take the drug if you are taking other medicines which contain nitrates.