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Intimidating movie characters

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Shame he combines them with his cold, calculated shenanigans.

Watch The Third Man now on Amazon Prime Video As played by: Joe Pesci in Goodfellas (1990) The villain: A textbook case of somebody with small-man syndrome, Tommy is like a coiled spring: he's constantly waiting for somebody to say the wrong thing so he can kick off.

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Also Ranked #51 on The Best TV Villains of All Time #10 on The Best Movie Characters of All Time #19 on The Most Likeable TV Anti-Heroes #2 on The Best Movie Villains of All Time Franchise Hiding his deformed face behind a hockey mask was what started this iconic character's reign of terror.Watch Misery now on Amazon Prime Video As played by: Orson Welles in The Third Man (1949) The villain: A coward and a crook, Lime fakes his own death in order to avoid the rap for his penicillin racket.Selling dodgy merchandise is one thing, but when it's watered-down medicine you really have to draw the line. Meanest moment: His diluted penicillin is responsible for hundreds of deaths!When he comes to town, it's never a good reason.2) The Punisher. Ex-cop with a decidely psychotic obssession with villains, he is a street thugs worst nightmare.3) Dr Doom.Genius level intellect, second only to Reed Richards combined with an unending lust to accumulate power from science and magic; he is earth's foremost modern alchemist with a ruthless attitude toward his enemies.4) Tyrant.A clever spin-off of the Marvel's Hulk, this character can adapt to virtually any and everything any superhero can throw at him and relentlessly keep coming. A guy with long blonde hair and a giant hammer is NOT intimidating.