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Fascinated by the country, spent her nights and weekends traveling the country in search of stories.
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Confidence in the Iraqi army was greatly increased by their “surprisingly easy victory” in Qayara.

The cites Pentagon officials who hope the new American deployment will mark a “tipping point” in the war against ISIS.

Witnesses said the attackers used a decoy car to distract guards in front of a roadblock near the building.

An Italian official said gunmen in a second vehicle fired at the Italian guards while the suicide driver ploughed through the gate and detonated his vehicle.

The illicit discs have sustained Iraq’s appetite for mainstream Western films, long after the last cinema theaters were shuttered by threats from puritanical militias.

“Bombs,” he would say, “don’t have tongues.”Ahmed and his colleagues watched the Oscar-winning film as they have seen countless Hollywood films since the U. invasion—on pirated DVDs bought in the bazaar at roughly a dollar apiece. commander in Iraq, as quoted by the “We’ll have a security envelope around that.“This is a huge victory for the Iraq forces, and a huge boost to their self-confidence.just 8% that were negative, but both Clinton and Edwards ended up with more negative than positive coverage overall.While Democrats on average tended to have more positive coverage, the trend was skewed by particularly positive coverage of Obama." view CNN as more biased than most other corporate-run journalism, supporting business interests of its parent company and sponsors, and refusing to question official sources or present perspectives of leftist critics.A suicide bomber drove a tanker packed with explosives into the Italian military police station in southern Iraq killing at least 25 people, most of them Italian.