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Sara: Shirt by Tony Ward available at Church Boutique LA. Tegan: Shirt by Tony Ward available at Church Boutique LA. Often pegged to their labels — lesbians, identical twins, Canadian — the duo have spent nearly 20 years eclipsing what’s on the surface by focusing on their sound and message, gradually progressing from bedroom four-trackers to moody indie blowouts to their most ambitious incarnation yet: candy-striped, ’80s-indebted, queer-leaning New Wave that, instead of fetishizing sexuality, normalizes it. Forging a career that transgresses the boundaries of alternative rock and dives into infectious pop is new ground for Tegan and Sara.Was used among the Irish as a term for Catholics and for a person skilled in many trades.  Origin of Tegan Celtic ---------------------------------------------------------------- The name Tegan has the following meaning: A good looking man. This name can be given to both baby boys and girls. On their eighth album, , the duo take the rocky experiences from real-life relationships and send them up the flagpole in the hopes of finally cracking the mainstream.Though they’re the most prominent contemporary gay female act to scale the charts (their 2013 album, , debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200), the 35-year-old songwriters have still spent most of their career as outsiders. Female artists such as Lady Gaga, Halsey, and Nicki Minaj have bent the spectrum of sexuality in pop culture but limited it to just one facet of their public persona.That could change, depending on how the court decides the case involving the California's Proposition 8.

And I was feeling jealous and insecure, like "What if they were to leave me for somebody else?

Or what if the same thing happened to me that the last person I dated did to me? But in terms of the melodies and instrumentation, we really wanted something that was upbeat.

Tegan and Sara, the duo consisting of openly gay, Canadian twin sisters Tegan Quin and Sara Quin, and their band, have been evolving from singer/songwriter acoustics to fuller arrangements drawing on a variety of influences, particularly those of an electronic nature.

Same-sex marriage increasingly has Americans on its side, with overwhelming support among young people.

Although the Quins hail from Canada, where same-sex marriage has been legal since 2005, they both live in the States--meaning they have a stake in, and an opinion on, the two potentially landmark cases currently facing the Supreme Court. Sara is a New York resident, where gay marriage is legal, but Tegan lives in Los Angeles, where for the moment at least, it's not.