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Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg We present algorithms for maintaining the biconnected components of a planar graph undergoing repeated dynamic modifications, such as insertions and deletions of edges and vertices.

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In 1825 Khokand authorities established the fortress of "Pishpek" in order to control local caravan-routes and to collect tribute from Kyrgyz tribes.On 4 September 1860, with the approval of the Kyrgyz, Russian forces led by Colonel Zimmermann destroyed the fortress.

pm Saturday 3 June 2017 WHEN the results start tumbling in next Friday morning, after one of the oddest and most contrived general elections of modern times, every party will rush to claim victory of a kind.

In 1925 the Kara-Kirghiz Autonomous Oblast was established in Russian Turkestan, promoting Pishpek to its capital.

In 1926 the city was given the name Frunze, after the Bolshevik military leader Mikhail Frunze (1885-1925), who was born there.

It’s an odd feeling, knowing that you’re more likely to be harassed by police officers than petty street criminals.

But there are things you can do to keep yourself from becoming a target and/or getting away from officers who just want to bother you.