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In the “AIDS Mary” version (woman infects man), a fellow picks up a young lady for a one-night sexual encounter.Everything goes swimmingly, and he’s quite pleased about the whole thing, until the next morning when he awakens to find her gone and the words “WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF AIDS” scrawled in lipstick on his bathroom mirror.Running beside the plane as it touched down it suddenly cut across in front and was caught a glancing blow by the propeller. We pushed the plane under the trees, sat on our bags and waited. Giraffes emerged from the bush, curiously examined the corpse, and passed silently on.Vultures circled lazily and we dozed in the sweltering heat – until the drone of our replacement aircraft disturbed our reverie.

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Attire for going out is really up to where you go, and where you are in the country.Only a couple of hours late at Mwagusi Camp in Ruaha park – 22,000 square kilometres of savannah – we were greeted with cool, lavender-scented flannels, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and, possibly, the most spectacular bedroom I have stretched out in anywhere.Our banda was an enormous thatched affair with low stone walls, dividing screens made from reeds, and a huge terrace overlooking the dried-up river bed. We had a week to spare after working in Nairobi and she had never seen tourist Africa. The agent we contacted – Expert Africa – does not offer trips to Kenya on the basis that it "does not know it well enough".There may be another reason – that Kenya has become a mass tourist destination where a game drive or a beach holiday is as predictable as a Disney ride.When he goes to the bathroom, written on the mirror with lipstick is: Commonly known as “AIDS Mary” or “AIDS Harry,” this legend came into prominence in late 1986 and was as much an expression of the fears of that time as anything else.