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Maher dating new york

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is an American comedian, political commentator, and television host.

Maher was born in New York City, raised in River Vale, N.

It may only be 10 a.m., but Alison Brod is already in a black minidress and heels as she makes a fruit smoothie in her kitchen.

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The social couple has been dating for a year and a half (Maher lives with Brod part-time, as he has full custody of his three teenagers in Boston); they had hit the party circuit the week I visited Brod’s newly renovated Fifth Avenue abode.

Senator, I’m a house n—er,” Maher replied, quickly adding, “It’s a joke!

” Since dropping the racial slur and slave-related “joke” so flippantly on national television, the public has come out in droves to drag the comedian on social media.

Andy lives in an apartment nearby.) “I wanted a total change,” says Brod, who originally moved into the four-bedroom home on the Upper East Side a decade ago.

“And I wanted to create a nice place for Woody to spend half his time.” Brod — a PR exec who represents brands like Mercedes-Benz, L’Oreal, Draper James (Reese Witherspoon’s Southern lifestyle brand) and Burger King — is known for her pink-themed Barbie-style office, which was featured on an episode of “The City,” a reality show with Whitney Port.