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Optimize the boot image updating process completely regenerate the boot

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Please do not reply to this mail; for comments, please link to I encourage you to quote this material, SO LONG as you include this entire document; thanks.Solutions Plus: PROBLEM: You need to migrate several Windows XP machines to Windows 7. Applications that are installed on the XP machine won't be migrated—you'll have to redeploy them using Group Policy or Configuration Manager.Select the tab "Win PE" and make sure the second radial button (Include only drivers of the following type) is selected and the top two check boxes (Include all network and include all mass storage).After you do that update your deployment share and you should see the driver get injected into your boot image.The boot images are located in "\NAME\Deployment Share$\Boot". The screenshot also shows multiple versions of boot images taken from deployment shares after they were added to WDS.Sounds like you are deploying Windows 8, so this doesn't matter, but for others who may come along, MDT 2013 uses Win PE 5.0 so you need to inject Windows 8 drivers into the Win PE boot images even if deploying Windows 7.An alternative to the reimaging process is an upgrade process.

The process described in this article yields a complete Windows 10 environment including updated firmware and drivers for your Surface device along with applications like Microsoft Office 365 and the Surface app.

I did research and I know this system works with Windows 8 and the drivers.

EDIT: I have now found other drivers recently for Windows 8. They recommend trying to inject the minimum set of drivers into the Win PE to reduce the amount of data that needs to be tftp'd, but for troubleshooting, "all drivers and packages" is aok.

Then, under the hood, based on the answers you gave the MDT wizards, MDT does all the hard work for you.

MDT isn't a new tool—it used to be called Solution Accelerator Business Desktop Deployment Tool (BDD).