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Reasons for backdating council tax benefit

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If you're under pension age, you must write to us if you want your claim to be backdated.

We can sometimes backdate your claim for up to six months from the date we receive your written request for backdating if there're continuous good reasons for why you didn't claim earlier.

We'll send you a new Council Tax bill for the year showing the reduction and any unpaid balance.

If you're of pension age, we'll automatically backdate your new claim by up to three months from the date we receive your claim.

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The legislation states that Housing Benefit must be backdated for up to 1 month if the claimant who is of working age requests this in writing and "had continuous good cause for failing to make a claim earlier".State Pension Credit Age is currently anyone born before 05/04/1953 but is updated regularly.Please use the attached link to establish when you will become eligible.This means that your name should appear on the Council Tax bill.If your name doesn’t appear on the Council Tax bill but you pay rent then you may be eligible for Housing Benefit.If you're in the process of completing a claim for benefit use it to request backdating of benefit otherwise select and download the relevant form at the link below.