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It was observed over a wide area of the region and in neighbouring republics.Some eyewitnesses also felt intense heat from the fireball.Access instantly at your fingertips an incredible amount of totally free sex cams featuring gorgeous teens and couples exploring their sexuality live on camera. No microtransactions, no hidden fees, when we say free, we really mean it!

A 2-time Olympic Coach, author, world-renowned sports scientist with a career spanning over forty years, Dr.

On account of its high velocity and shallow angle of atmospheric entry, the object exploded in an air burst over Chelyabinsk Oblast, at a height of around 29.7 km (18.5 mi; 97,000 ft).

The explosion generated a bright flash, producing a hot cloud of dust and gas that penetrated to 26.2 km (16.3 mi), and many surviving small fragmentary meteorites, as well as a large shock wave.

Sabonis played the center position and also won a gold medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics in South Korea for the Soviet Union, and later earned bronze medals at the 19 games while playing for Lithuania. Sabonis is considered one of the best big man passers as well as one of the best overall centers in the history of the game.

Bill Walton once called Sabonis a 7 ft 3 in (2.21 m) Larry Bird due to his unique court vision, shooting range, rugged in-game mentality, and versatility. At that time, he was the tallest player to ever enter the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame; one year later, he would be surpassed by 7 ft 4 in (2.24 m) Ralph Sampson.