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Have you ever wanted something that would just work ... Undoubtedly, you believe that it IS possible for a husband and a wife to enjoy a happy, loving, affectionate, and sexual marriage relationship together ... If a man has a problem, he will usually try to define the problem so he knows what it is that's bothering him and then he will try to find or create a solution. When a woman has a problem, she will generally just "feel" the problem. and she will keep "connecting" the problem and the associated bad feelings to a certain person ... at which point she will start moving AWAY from the person she blames the problem on.

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so pls accept my chat room and girls and aunties can chat with me thru ths ... I have tried many different ways to meet women, but it is not always easy. I thought I would try the online thing and see if maybe it can work. People with wolf names only I will kick out anybody with the word wolf in there name foxes and coyotes are allowed too People without those words in thier names will be kicked out some people can get speacil permisson from me only I am a calm, balanced, serious and realistic woman. I do not look for the ideal person, the unattainable impossible, because I know that the ideal person simply does not exist. Guys, maybe if we talked about it things would get better.

You can im or send private message to other members if you like but not in the chat room or you'll get kicked out! I trust deeds, and actions, not wordsthis is a room for the people who need the help of otheres but are too scared to admit it. Please respect the rules of this room: do not judge, make fun of, or abuse any of the users present in it.

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Some girls have remote control toys that you can operate for them and others will go as far as you let them which may even include bringing in other girls.