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This year brands will be challenged to keep up with the digital trends and engage with their consumers digitally unlike ever before.

Brands must make sure they do better than their competition to win the “Share of Digital” of their consumers.

Mr Justice Wilkie declined to order the removal all the Tamil passengers but he did rule that anyone who showed during their failed asylum process that they risked allegations against them from the Sri Lankan government of a real or perceived Tamil Tiger connection, or had shown evidence that they had been previously tortured, should not be deported.

The ruling, which only applied to those three cases, prompted a flurry of further applications from lawyers representing Tamil clients which were then decided on an individual basis using the injunction as guidance.

Chat applications have more active users than social networks and popularity among smartphone users has created an immense opportunity for marketers engage with their consumers.

However, the Mawanella worm (also known as VBS/VBSWG-Z), named after a Muslim village, is yet another illustration of virus writers using malicious code as a political platform.Sophos reminds users that if they have updated their anti-virus protection and follow a policy of not opening unsolicited or suspicious attachments, worms and viruses such as Mawanella hold little threat.More than 100 million users in 150 countries rely on Sophos as the best protection against complex threats and data loss.Yes, Bots are intelligent but you need to train them properly with information and knowledge for them to offer better service to your consumers.“Content is the king” very familiar slogan, everyone was talking about content marketing during last couple of years but only few has been able to implement and only handful has got it right.Human rights groups, lawyers and news organisation including The Independent have all documented what is a growing dossier of evidence showing that torture is commonplace in Sri Lanka and that Tamil ethnicity migrants who are returned from Britain are particularly at risk over their perceived or real links to the Tamil Tigers.