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Uilabel not updating

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) and the countdown Label I created is not updated at all.

I'm not sure whats wrong cause I tried to follow the documentation for the timer.

The first one at the file scope and the second one in the soft Egg Button function.

You have to remove the var in front of the count in the function.

Hi i am kind of stuck at the moment as to sending UILabel data across from one view controller to another coming from a collection view cell. May seem obvious to someone who knows what they are doing but do i need to somehow declare on the second view controller that i am setting the UILabel from another VC?

Here is my current code as follows: Groups View Controller.m #import "Groups View Controller.h" #import "Groups Home View Controller.h" #import "Custom Cell.h" - (void)collection View:(UICollection View *)collection View did Select Item At Index Path:(NSIndex Path *)index Path - (void)prepare For Segue:(UIStoryboard Segue *)segue sender:(id)sender NSString *selected Image = array Of Images [index Path.item]; //collect image Groups Home View Controller *groups Home VC = segue.destination View Controller; //set D. C groups Home Image = [UIImage image Named: selected Image]; //set image // pass string to next view Controller's NSString object.

The problem is with the on-screen score not updating and reflecting the change.

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There are add/subtract buttons directly in the custom cell of the tableview that are hitting my save method, and it's storing it back in Core Data for that specific user.Can you tell me what part of the course you are on so I can take a look. S You can also check out my finished app on github and compare the two.https://github.com/Mav3r1ck/Project-Rain Man Hey Aaron, Thanks for your reply, you were the first person on the list of people to ask, and I truly appreciate your "swift"ness ;) The course I'm on is "Build a Weather App With Swift", and my issue occurred during "Simple Data Structures".I have a global variable called Over View: UILabel label Title = new UILabel(); label Title. Insert Subview Above(Over View, cur View); cur View.Text = title; UIView label Title View = (UIView) label Title; label Title View. Maybe I'm making this harder than it needs to be, either that, or I'm just not grasping the real problem. When scrolling down or up in the list and pulling beyond the normal boundaries, the tableview data seems to overwrite the display for the row either above or below the current line. Not sure if this animated Gif will show up in Stack.