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If the last entry in a crontab is missing the newline, cron will consider the crontab (at least partially) broken and refuse to install it." (And the date at the end is 19 April 2010.)@barraponto This is actually a bug in new text editors.

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You can follow the steps in the Load U-Boot via USB section to learn how to boot U-Boot from your host machine. I'm new to the freescale area and is going to order a Sabre Lite board.This may result in unexpected problems, when other commands had been executed before.For example, the variable ipaddr may be set to dhcp, which instructs U-Boot to query an IP configuration from the local DHCP server prior to executing any network command.It can be the case that the raw partition of your Wa RP7 is unlocked.Burning an image that doesn’t contain U-Boot into the e MMC while on this state erases the original U-Boot.The next step is to prepare TFTP client software for file transfer between Linux host computer and your Windows computer.

I realized that there is no "boot_config" in 4.1.15.

saves the current environment in serial Flash memory (Data Flash) at address offset 0x3DE000, from where it is reloaded during the next system start.

In addition to the environment variables saved by saveenv, the serial Flash contains a factory default environment at address offset 0x021000.

So I follow the instruction to install "mmc-utils" in 4.1.15 and use mmc tool but it still does not work.

Please see below command and reply if any of you guys knows the solution of it.