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Updating xml using vb6

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The Microsoft Office Open XML file structure makes it possible to edit and update Microsoft Office 2007 files without the need to open the file in the application that created it.

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In the following sections, we demonstrate how to find the document part that contains the data in a worksheet, and add text and a number to a cell in the worksheet.You may be surprised to learn that there is no facility for saving or loading a document to or from a disk file in the W3C’s DOM specification.This is because the DOM is meant to be platform independent, and different platforms usually have different semantics for utilizing persistent data.Hello, I was able to read a XML file with one table with no problems. Recordset Dim fs Dim a obj Fund Access.mssoapinit " bservices/SSCSecurity Web Services.asmx? Print sch 'this prints the schema Set fs = Create Object("Scripting. Create Text File("c:\tmp Fund Access.xml", True) a. You could have it on your MSDN disk (if you have it). Now I want to read a XML file about Orders using vb6,then i will put it into a table in Oracle8i. But now this same xml file must now hold 2 tables and the code(below) that I'm using cannot read the xml properly anymore. WSDL", "SSCSecurity Web Service", "SSCSecurity Web Service Soap" 'Debug. If you will not find it, let me know by e-mail and I will send it to you -- Val Mazur Microsoft MVP 1. Active Connection = "Provider=MSDAOSP; Data Source=MSXML2. To see description on format of ADO recordset, you would need to find MSDN article, which calls "XML Integration Features in ADO 2.5".