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Validating asp net

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First, I would suggest, to divide your page in some logical section, those you might need to validate at certain points.

And assign a different group name to the validators on those section.

So several times, it requires to validate the page partially not the entire page, while earlier we used to have single submit button and their we need to validate the page.

AJAX also played a key role, for partial post back, initiate a call to server etc, which requires to validate a part of the page.

If we receive exceptions because of event validation, we have to disable the feature, or learn how to work with the event validation.

Pros: Easy to do Cons: Less secure Bertrand Le Roy wrote a post back in 2004: “Please, please, please, learn about injection attacks! Event validation is a feature designed to help prevent injection attacks (of course it can't prevent attacks all by itself).

Possible problem with the Compare Validator checking for a data type of Integer: It seems to just check for the correct digits (0-9), but it doesn't check the range.

So using this validator, you could still get out-of-range exceptions if the value entered by the user is too large or too small. There are several different ways you can handle this.

You could add a Required Field Validator as well as a Range Validator (if that works for your case) or you could add a Custom Field Validator.

Can a requiredfieldvalidator be used for a dropdown list, and how would you use it? I see someone else joined my question and he got his answers, my question in still there. I have a drop down list which is not visible at first. Add(new List Item("Miss Player", "MP")); ddl_season. Net Developer Vadodara - Gujarat Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you. Add(new List Item("--Select one--", "")); ddl_season.

I have a requiredfieldvalidator for my dropdownlist. User choses some options(somewhere else) and according to that I fill the dropdown list and make it visible. Add(new List Item("John Player", "JP")); ddl_season. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.