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See the debate in page after page of forum messages,
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The strongest relationships are thick with arguments. Earth-shattering, appetite-destroying, sleep-losing, skin-burning, can’t-live-life-without-each-other love. When I say “fighting,” I'm not talking about full-blown physical encounters.

No epic love stories were written about complacency from years of living in the doldrums of lame ass bullsh*t. Fighting is the key ingredient in breeding passion. I'm not talking about throwing plates and breaking skulls.

Naturally, these controlling wives dress their hubbies in such a way as to make them as repugnant to other potential mates as possible.

Sexless and frumpy, the clothes are almost always 50 shades of grey (i.e. At its illogical extreme, this scenario means matching his n’ hers outfits, made up of roomy fleeces, easy-fit chinos, sexless checked shirts and the castrato's shoe of choice, the calamitous Croc.

Some 44 per cent of women admit to switching the heating on when their partners are not looking, and 39 per cent turn it up. Psychologists claim it is because women have twice as many temperature sensors in their skin.

Men don't like the cold either, and not just because there's a direct corrolation between chilly weather and shrunken appendages.

There is something so erotic about having a battle of minds with the man or woman you love. Your views on important issues may be entirely opposite, but that doesn't mean you lack respect for each other.

If you are creating those "stories" and there's no basis of truth to them, then change your thinking.If you can stand up to your partner in an argument, you’re clearly not afraid of each other. If you're in a relationship with someone who argues with you, there are bound to be many a makeup after many a fight.You can't have a steady partnership with someone who is complacent instead of combative. Arguing is a sign of the passion that the two of you breed for each other.In the long term, a slow-burning, deep-seated resentment manifests itself in gin-fuelled rants about seemingly unrelated topics, especially near wheelie bin day. The first salvo of domestic battle might be a barbed “There are too many of your pictures on the wall - it’s our room, you know”.You might choose to return fire with “But I work from home, so I’m in there more often.I don’t think there was ever a decision to “do this together,” it just emerged out of our relationship.