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Who jesse spencer dating

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Laura became smitten with the older man and the two embarked on an affair.

Considering he lives in Chicago during brutally cold months, you wouldn't blame Jesse Spencer for walking into the Langham Resort in Pasadena (temperature: near 80 degrees) wearing cargo shorts and a T-shirt. Spencer dresses the part, knows he has a job to do (in this case, greet the television critics from around the country), and represent one of NBC's crown jewels: Jesse: I mean, if I had fallen into it, sure. Spencer Hastings is a highly intelligent, overachieving and extremely wealthy young woman.She constantly balances many jobs; such as internships, charity work, being part of the field hockey team, and after-school clubs.While she was dating Scott, an old "friend" of Rick's named David Hamilton was busy trying to seduce Lesley in revenge as David's late wife had apparently always been in love with Rick.When David's seduction of Lesley failed, David decided that Laura would serve his purposes just as well and began befriending her.Germain (deceased) Jonny Raymond Colin Gil Mona Vanderwaal (formerly) Alison Di Laurentis (formerly) Garrett Reynolds (deceased) Ian Thomas (deceased) Darren Wilden (deceased) Logan Reed Jenna Marshall Kate Randall Charlotte Di Laurentis (deceased) Shana Fring (deceased)Meredith Sorenson Andrew Campbell Lesli Stone (possibly) Sara Harvey (deceased) Archer Dunhill (deceased) Noel Kahn (deceased) Sydney Driscoll - Stole her grandmother's paperweight and buried it as a child (exposed to Wren) - The Jenna Thing - Kissed Wren (exposed) - Kissed Ian (exposed) - Stole her sister's essay and used it as her own (exposed) - Pretended to be a candy-striper to get Alison's autopsy report - Was present the night Bethany's body was stolen - Pretended to be Melissa to get information about her whereabouts in June - Lied to the cops about where she was during a hit and run to protect Jason (exposed to Toby) - Jason is her half-brother (exposed) - Knew Toby was the second identity of "A" (exposed) - Defaced Toby's mother's crypt - Was a former patient at Radley (exposed) - Became a member of The A-Team (exposed) - Kidnapped Malcolm Cutler (exposed) - Was rejected from UPenn (exposed to Ezra and her family)- Knew Toby stole the RV (exposed) - Used amphetamines to stay awake (exposed) - Unknowingly helped Jonny vandalize Hollis College (exposed in newspaper article) - Kissed Jonny while dating Toby - Kissed Colin while dating Toby - Had a pregnancy scare in college (exposed to Toby) - Buried Archer/Elliott along with Aria, Emily and Hanna (exposed to Alison, Ezra, Mona and Caleb) - Dug up Archer's grave with Hanna to make sure he was dead (exposed to A.