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My television son, Nick, is a teenager whose 15 and always bucking authority. That’s not the case with my children, who are polite and kind and just a lot of fun. I couldn’t come up here for four months and not go home every weekend.

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Above Michael is pictured in 2005 with his brother, Jermaine behind him Reid claims that Jermaine told the due: 'I want to make a song about my brother.

I want to talk about how he's treated me through the years, like how every time I find producers like you guys, he takes my producers.

We were very tardy for the party and Clarissa had already been done explained it all.

Music was another medium where the devil laid his wicked mindfields. Her name was Tara and all I wanna say is that she aint really care about us. My parents would go out for the night and leave us with pizza money and strict instructions on what we were allowed to watch.

Unlike most people we were back later that same day for afternoon service or, “Church Part Two: Electric Boogaloo” as I mockingly referred to it.

He and his brothers would perform at strip clubs, sharing the bill with female strippers and drag queens, and the sexual adventures of his brothers with groupies further affected Jackson's early life.She was both a star goddess and a mother goddess.'Michael's pet chimpanzee Bubbles, seen left with a picture of Michael, attended one of their first meetings after Liz agreed he could join them for tea.Bubbles reportedly slept in a crib in Michael's bedroom.'With each of them she had felt there were no secrets...while Elizabeth never thought of Michael or the others as weak, she clearly believed she could save people, and perhaps she believed she could help Michael to save himself.' Liz appearing with Michael was the ‘showstopper’ and her appearance backstage wearing a blue chiffon dress caused a stampede among the media as photographers scrambled to get her picture with the King of Pop.During the early years of their friendship, Michael ‘loved playing the part of gentleman escort, at her beck and call, making sure she was comfortable, making sure any request to a waiter or whomever was taken care of,' writes the author. According to the New York Post, in the new book, Sing to Me, Reid alleges that Michael Jackson was extremely dismissive of his older Jermaine, and wasn't nice to fellow singer and longtime rival Prince.'Nobody got to see Michael without signing one,' Reid explains in the book.