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That said, there’s certainly no shortage of singles in Toronto.
According to police, Biermann was at the Steak N' Shake restaurant at 6930 Cypress Gardens Blvd. Saturday when he used his receipt to write a note to the teen who was working at the restaurant.

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It is what it is.”As for Shaw’s thoughts on his relationship, she was quoted as saying this last August:“I really don’t think much of it right now.

When it gets serious, that’s when I will dedicate the time to think about it because we have two little kids so it’s kind of not just us.

I didn’t believe that you could find love on a reality show in the beginning, but I felt like all the signs were kind of pointing for me to do it so I just kind of went with it. As far as Shawn, what attracted me to him was that he’s very charming, he was a good listener and I felt like he got me. He also mentioned White women who go “right to sleep without the head wraps.” What are your thoughts on that? Yeah, wrap your hair up a little bit later, but I’m trying to go to bed sexy. MN: Were you concerned about your past resurfacing when you signed on to appear on the show?

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My mom really felt like we should do the test, we did it and turns up he wasn’t mine.

What was supposed to be one of the greatest announcements Ne-Yo made turned out to be a major PR nightmare for him!

The R&B singer has found himself in the hole after revealing that his girlfriend, Crystal Renay is pregnant.

There’s a lot of sabotage, a lot of fighting, a lot of underhanded stuff going on. I don’t like confrontation and I don’t operate that way.

So I was like, I’m going to stand up here, take the risk in front of everybody at the same time and I’m going to tell him what I have to say because I really like him so I was willing to take that chance because what I felt for him was real. I was like, “There’s going to be some stuff that I am going to tell you and your son that you’re probably not going to like, but I’m going to tell you the truth. It’s something that I was thrown into based on what PR people decided to do at that time.