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co-stars — Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart — but his love life is totally on fire!

Xiao gui rainie yang dating

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According to Next, Rainie was quite taken with Joseph during the filming of DTLY, but didn’t want to do anything for fear that she would be labeled a Xiao San (Little Three, slang for homewrecker or interloper in a relationship). Supposedly their friendship really blossomed during filming, and since breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, Joseph has been pursuing Rainie for the past two months intensely. I think when there is smoke there is a fire, but whether these two work out remains to be scene. Sweetheart everyone assumed they were dating before the.Rainie, yang and Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao were caught holidaying in Tokyo!I don’t really know how to tell lies,” later admitting that Prince is her boyfriend.Rainie, who previously said that she does not want to get married, has now changed her mind.It’s her three most iconic drama leading men pairings, starting with Mike He who did . This is major fanservice nostalgia done right, and perfectly synced with the overall theme of this album which is the passage of time and the evolution of love.

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Joseph revealed in an interview with last month that he’s single these days, so that confirms the rumors that his five-year relationship with his longtime girlfriend has ended.

Although Rainie has been embroiled in several scandals and rumours over the years, the 29-year-old has always been honest about her relationships, and once admitted that popular TV host and singer Xiao Gui used to be her first love.

During an interview, when Rainie was asked for her opinion on Prince, she turned red and giggled nervously, saying: “This is so awkward!

Facebook: Joanne Tseng’s Facebook Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng were the leading couple in Taiwanese drama ‘Refresh Man’, and although the drama has ended, many loyal fans still ship the two. Aaron: I can do it because I keep looking at you Joanne: Haha you’re lying to me!

– The two still interact frequently outside of filming – Aaron responded to Joanne’s Facebook posting within seconds on Aug. Joanne: Baby (cutesy way of saying you or I, recently popular in China/Taiwan) responded within a second! 😛 Aaron: Why would I lie to you~~ Joanne: Are you taking filming seriously?